The Arizona Fish Reef Aquarium Group (FRAG) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting education and conservation in the marine aquarium hobby. We welcome hobbyist of all experience levels and their family to join us online or at any of our many meetings to make the most of the hobby. We are a large and friendly club that want to have fun and enjoy the wonderful saltwater world. In the summer of 2013 AZ FRAG became a member of the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA).


Meetings last approximately 2 hours. The first hour will feature a special speaker, presentation, demonstration, etc. The second hour will then consist of a coral auction, open to all members to sell their corals. Prior to the meetings, everyone on our mailing list is notified via email about the upcoming meeting. Occasionally “roaming” meetings may occur and will be hosted by an LFS, a member (aka “The Parade of Reefs”), or other reef related destinations. Our meetings are typically casual. Sometimes our meetings feature educational presentations and demonstrations given by respected professionals in the industry. Another exciting perk for our members are the spectacular raffle prizes and giveaways donated by our sponsors!


Sellers are limited to a set number of total items, often 20-25 but this will be specified for each meeting. A small seller’s fee of 5% will be deducted from the total sale of each seller. Prior to the meeting, an email announcing the meeting will provide instructions for listing all items up for auction. Sellers must provide their bidder number when listing items. A cut-off time for listing auction items, including pictures, descriptions and starting bid prices will be made clear. A final auction list, which will list all items for sale with their assigned lot numbers, will be available on AZ FRAGs website. You are encouraged to print the final auction list to help keep track on the meeting day; lists will NOT be provided at the auction. Items will be sold in whole-dollar increments only.


All bidders must be a FRAG member in good standing prior to the auction start and have an assigned bidder number. You must become a member in good standing and obtain a bidder number by the start of the auction or you will not be able to bid/sell during the auction. Please remember to double check your bidder number with the club officers on the day of the auction to ensure you are using the correct number. Verification is required only one time per year and you will always retain the same bidder number. Check-out for items bought/sold will only be available after the auction has concluded. No check-outs will be allowed while the auction is running.